By Johnna Fullen
Women’s Fund of Smith County

Time flies when you’re having fun…..and working hard!  The membership team of the Women’s Fund of Smith County is doing both in order to grow membership.  It is only March, and we are blessed with a strong and supportive membership base.  Thanks to women who have responded with giving hearts, we have added 34 new members to our giving circle this year!  We desire to double membership by our 20 year anniversary in 2027.  As Vice Chair for Membership for 2018, I often remind the membership that if each one of them simply invited a friend to join, we would reach that goal much faster!

Membership is an important element to the sustainability of our giving circle.  Both the retention of existing members and recruitment of new members are important.  Without members, the mission of the Women’s Fund of Smith County cannot continue.  More members result in more high impact grants being awarded to nonprofit agencies, which in turn provide life changing services to women and children in our community.

Have you heard of the Women’s Fund of Smith County and wondered if membership was right for you?

Membership is an open invitation to any woman with a giving heart that agrees to pool her financial resources with other women to reach a shared vision of transforming our community and the lives of others.  There is no special invitation or secret initiation into the group.  We believe there is strength in numbers and diversity.   Together is better!  The more, the merrier!

Currently, there are over 250 members in the Women’s Fund of Smith County.  After 10 years, 59 of the original members are still involved today, and serve as a strong foundation for the giving circle.  While many of the ladies involved are age 60 or older, there is an increasing trend of women in the age category of 45-59 who are joining our mission.  There are several members which range in age from 30-44.  We believe it is important to continue to reach younger women and inspire them to experience the joy of philanthropy.  Efforts have been made by the membership committees to encourage women of all ages to join our organization.

Members of the Women’s Fund of Smith County are from different backgrounds, with different giving capacities.  A few examples include teachers, accountants, entrepreneurs, marketing directors, pharmacists, homemakers, social workers, and realtors. We enjoy different hobbies. For example, golfing, running, antiquing, reading, and traveling to name a few.  Some are married, some are single.  Some were born and raised in Smith County, some were not.  Some are short, some are tall.  You get the idea.  Each member is different, but collectively we give back to our community with the same giving heart.

There is still time to join us for the 2018 year.  Remember, membership is an open invitation to any woman that desires to pool her resources with other women to positively change the lives of others.   If you have ever had an interest in joining the Women’s Fund of Smith County, now is the time!  And, as one can see, if you have a giving heart and the desire to impact our community, you will find a place in our giving circle.

To learn more about the Women’s Fund of Smith County, please join us at the upcoming member guest social on March 27th at the Tyler Museum of Art, from 5:30 pm -7:00 pm.  Members are encouraged to bring a friend and socialize with other members, while learning more about the mission of the Women’s Fund of Smith County.

Johnna Fullen, Financial Advisor with The LMT Group of Merrill Lynch, serves as the vice chair for membership of the Women’s Fund of Smith County.  Membership is open to women who would like to learn more about collective giving.  Please like us on Facebook or visit for more information.