Barbara Merritt in Her Own Words

It was always easy for me to find a job, but when the recession hit around 2008-2009, things suddenly changed. Jobs became harder to find because they wanted to hire someone with a high school diploma or other certification – and I didn’t have either. I knew I had to make some changes in my life, but I still wasn’t ready or motivated to go back to school to attain my G.E.D. The next thing I knew I needed to do was to put God first. I allowed God to guide my steps, and then I became motivated to make the other changes I needed to do in myself.

I had heard of the dual enrollment program at Literacy Council of Tyler where I could get my G.E.D. and a Certified Nurses Aid certification at the same time. I applied and qualified for the six-week G.E.D. program because of my reading level. I then completed that program, and Ms. Chera Crawford helped me enroll in the fourweek CNA program. Chera has supported me all the way, and I have also had a wonderful instructor, Ms. Connie Davis, for the classroom teaching. I graduated from the CNA program June 2 of this year.

[blockquote sc_id=”sc1394850434481″]$30,000 Granted to The Literacy Council of Tyler to create the Dual Enrollment Program[/blockquote]

I am really inspired and motivated to strive for a better life for myself and my family. I am extremely blessed and grateful because I have completed the dual enrollment program. I’m confident now that I can achieve anything – even becoming a member of The Women’s Fund.