By Jennifer Gaston
Women’s Fund of Smith County

I never go anywhere without a purse – a small purse, a large purse, a clutch or a satchel. Sometimes, I even have a purse within my purse! My purse is my security. It holds all of my essentials and a lot of extras. It’s my power source for the day ahead. Collectively, our purses serve as the power source for what lies ahead for our community and our world!

When invited to chair the tenth annual Power of the Purse Luncheon for the Women’s Fund of Smith County, my thoughts immediately went to memories of past luncheons. I recalled the day I decided to join this amazing organization. I was honored to be the guest of Joanne Idell. Nancy Lamar had the microphone and was speaking about the lives that are changed because of this giving circle. I was in. Sign me up!

Being a part of the Women’s Fund is inspiring. To be a part of this group of women who come together collectively – regardless of age, race, or political preference – is as personally rewarding as it is impactful for the women and children helped by our collective gifts.

The women who give their time and energy to the Women’s Fund stand as an inspiration for our entire community. The accomplishments of the past year, and over the last ten years, are in direct proportion to the efforts of every member of our organization. It is my honor to work side-by-side with these committed women – each with a spirit of compassion to make a difference and get the job done.

We are celebrating ten years of collective giving. We are honoring ten years of philanthropic enterprise that has literally changed lives throughout our community. I encourage everyone to join us for the luncheon; to bring a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker. The Women’s Fund welcomes new members who can bring their creativity and talents to further enrich our organization.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Brittany Merrill Underwood share her experiences and vision as CEO and Founder of the Akola Project. You will listen to how she is inspiring the next generation of social innovators to deliver real and lasting change in disadvantaged communities.

The Women’s Fund of Smith County invites you to the 2017 Power of the Purse luncheon: “Celebrating Ten Years of Giving.” The event takes place Tuesday, November 14, 11:00 a.m. at the CrossWalk Conference Center. All proceeds benefit the Women’s Fund mission and outreach to women and children in Smith County. Seating is limited! For ticket information, please visit or call 903-509-1771.

Join us, be inspired, and don’t forget your purse!

Jennifer Gaston, Editor of TYLER TODAY Magazine, is a proud member of the Women’s Fund of Smith County – a giving circle which leverages women’s philanthropy to bring positive change through high impact community grants that benefit women and children. Visit to learn more about membership and mission.