by Smittee Root
Women’s Fund of Smith County

Several years ago, while hosting a house full of family members, we discovered what has become a favorite tradition for our family – jigsaw puzzles.  The shared goal of completing the puzzle seemed to draw everyone in from my young nieces and nephews to grandparents.  There were some family members who dedicated hours to the task and some who were in a season of being preoccupied with the needs of a toddler and only had time to insert a piece over someone’s shoulder (usually the piece one of the “dedicated” puzzle workers had been searching for…).  Regardless of the individual contribution, when the final piece is popped into place it is definitely a group victory!  When I think of what makes a great community, it is this mental picture of a group of people completing a puzzle that comes to mind – the collective work of individuals contributed to a shared goal and equally celebrated.  

We all individually play a part in our community whether we are giving out of our personal abundance of resources (time, money or talents) or accepting the gifts of others for a season.   The prize is shared by ALL – in the celebration of knowing that we are continuing to make our community an even better place to work, live and play.

As a member of the Women’s Fund of Smith County, I have the joy of celebrating a much bigger impact than I could ever accomplish alone.  I was originally drawn to the Women’s Fund during a season when I had less time to give, but could contribute financially as a member.  I appreciated the opportunity to give financially without feeling guilty that I did not have extra time to give.    

Membership is an important element to the sustainability of our giving circle.  More members result in more high impact grants being awarded to nonprofit agencies, which in turn provide incredible services for women and children in our community.

Wondering if membership with the Women’s Fund of Smith County is right for you?

Membership is an open invitation to any woman with a giving heart. We believe there is strength in numbers and diversity.  As we say – Together is better! Currently, there are over 300 members in the Women’s Fund of Smith County. Members of the Women’s Fund of Smith County are from different backgrounds, with different giving capacities.

There is still time to join us for the 2020 year. If you have ever had an interest in joining the Women’s Fund of Smith County, now is the time!  To learn more about the Women’s Fund of Smith County, please join us at the upcoming member guest social on March 31st at Hollytree Country Club, from 5:00 pm -7:00 pm.  Members are encouraged to bring a friend and socialize with other members, while learning more about the mission of the Women’s Fund of Smith County.

Smittee Root, Executive Director of Leadership Tyler, is an active member of the Women’s Fund of Smith County and serves as chair of the member relations committee. For more information about this collective giving and grantmaking circle, please visit